Master of science in Civil Engineering

The following are all acceptable courses within the MSCE program and a combination of these courses can be taken with all concentrations following the guidelines specified in the Master of Science in Civil Engineering Degree Plan. For proper selection of the eleven, nine or eight courses, please see other requirements in the Graduate Course Catalog.

Selection of Concentration

Students within the MSCE program are required to select a concentration and complete a minimum of four graduate level courses (12 credits) in one specific subdiscipline (water resources, structural, geotechnical, environmental, and transportation) as listed in MSCE Courses. A special case concentration in Construction Engineering may be selected as shown below. Exceptions will be made when deemed necessary, often dependent on course availability and graduation timeline.

Analytical Rating

Students must complete a breadth of courses that require analytical abilities to solve complex problems. Therefore, students must obtain a minimum of 14 analytical ranking credits (ARs). The amount of ARs are shown in the Master of Science in Civil Engineering Degree Plan