Graduate Certificate Integrated Project Delivery

2020 U.S. News & World Report

Best Engineering Graduate

Admission to the program as a regular graduate student requires the demonstration of high potential for success based on the following:

  1. An earned BS degree in civil engineering, or bachelor of architecture, or related fields, from an accredited undergraduate program;
  2. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00;
  3. Application for graduate admission;
  4. One letter of recommendation (employer and professor are preferred);
  5. Official transcripts of all college work
  6. Professional resume.

Although not required, additional documents recommended include; additional recommendation letters and a statement of purpose discussing what the applicant plans to do with the degree and why the university was chosen. The program director may allow provisional admission to applicants who do not meet all conditions for regular admission. A provisional student is typically granted regular status after completing the provisional requirements.