Master of Science Biomedical Engineering


Located at the center of the nation’s #1 region for engineering and technology, LTU is uniquely positioned to provide you the latest advanced knowledge in engineering analysis, biology/physiology, bioelectric physics, biocompatibility, biomechanics, mechanobiology, and experimental methods. 


On my first day I had to ask the difference between Nuts and Bolts. Now I know how to 3D print them in metal.

Ahron Wayne


2020 U.S. News & World Report

Best Engineering Graduate

LTU biomedical engineering faculty have expertise in biomechanics, tissue engineering, bioMEMS, and biomedical devices, and can partner with you on applied research and design projects.

Lawrence Tech’s signature combination of theory and practice is designed to provide you with enhanced knowledge of specialized tools and technologies, the ability to formulate and solve advanced engineering problems, design systems or processes, and evaluate complex systems and newly created knowledge. Your elective courses provide you a wide spectrum of topics so that you can tailor your degree to fit your interests.

You will also have the option to complete either a design project or a master’s research thesis for your engineering capstone experience.

Meet the Faculty


Dr. Hao Jiang

Dr. Hao Jiang research has enabled high-throughput patterning of nanostructures for commercial applications, including optical security features and collectible Nano-Arts. These works have been published in journals and highlighted in news stories. His research interests include:  biomedical sensors, nanotechnology, optics, electronics, computational electromagnetics.

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Dr. Hao Jiang