Mission Statement

The goal of the Biomaterials and Histology Lab is to develop biomaterials technology and explore their application in orthopedics, drug delivery and tissue engineering. The lab is used (1) to support BME 4801 Tissue Engineering Lab and teach students a variety of biomaterials synthesis processes, drug delivery and tissue engineering design and testing methods; (2) provide biomaterials resources for student projects.


BME students

BME undergraduates conducting
electrospinning experiment.

  • Electrospinner
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Fume hood
  • ultrasonic cleaner
  • Syringe pump
  • Freezer (-80°C and -20°C)
  • Autoclave

 Location: J-332, Taubman Complex, Lawrence Technological University, 21000 W Ten Mile Rd, Southfield MI 48075

Director: Yawen Li, yli@ltu.edu, 248-204-2510