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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people through developing and perfecting medical technologies and devices, such as artificial knees, hips, and hearts; laser-surgery instruments; and scanners like MRI machines.

At LTU, you will collaborate with your professors on cutting-edge research and get plenty of hands-on experience in the laboratory. You’ll also have the opportunity to co-op or intern in hospitals or industry alongside engineers, researchers, doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. LTU’s goal is to give you the best preparation to enter and succeed in this growing field.

OUR MISSION: To educate next generation biomedical engineers by creating a student-centered learning environment that encourages interdisciplinary research and design that uses engineering tools to solve problems addressing needs in life sciences and medicine.


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BME Town Hall (and Survey) 

Please fill out our survey if you couldn't attend!

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New BMES E-Board 

BMES just held elections for the new e-board. Congrats to the new officers!

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BME Hosts Appreciation Lunch 

BME hosted a Student Appreciation Lunch.

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Bethany Tour

BME Senior gives Lab Tour 

Come take a brief tour with a BME senior through some of the tools, equipment, and lab spaces where our students shine.

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3D Printing Overview

3D Printing Overview with Aharon Wayne 

BME hosted a 3D Printing Overview as part of our Skills Enrichment Workshops.

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Zoom Screencap of Senior Students

BME Senior Projects Fall Presentations 

The BME Department congratulates our students on successfully finishing the first semester of their Senior Design Projects.

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BME Faculty and Staff

Biomedical Engineering Fall 2020 Newsletter 

The Fall 2020 BME Newsletter is here! Hear about the summer research and internship opportunities our students are involved in and much more.

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BME Open House F2020-Meyer

BME Open House 2020 

The 2020 BME Open House was a great success! BME Students enjoyed a nice fall day with snacks and chats.

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BME Grad Student accepted for Scientist Mentor & Diversity Program 

BME graduate student, Fatima Majid, has been accepted to the Scientist Mentor & Diversity Program (SMDP) as a SMDP Scholar.

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Haley Fenn

BME 2020 Grads Make PPE at General Motors-Warren 

Recent BME Grads are putting their skills to work making Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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