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OUR MISSION:  To educate next generation biomedical engineers by creating a student-centered learning environment that encourages interdisciplinary research and design that uses engineering tools to solve problems addressing needs in life sciences and medicine.

At LTU, you will collaborate with your professors on cutting-edge research and get plenty of hands-on experience in the laboratory. You’ll also have the opportunity to intern in hospitals or industry alongside engineers, researchers, doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. Our goal is to give you the best preparation to enter and succeed in this growing field.

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The University has a selective admissions process, the objective of which is to identify students who have the highest potential for advancement in their chosen field of study.

Bachelor of Science

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers combine a sound foundation in engineering with a working knowledge of the life sciences to design procedures and devices that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, make medical testing less intrusive, enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, and otherwise improve the practice of medicine.

Master of Science

Cardiovascular Perfusion

The Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion program is a rigorous perfusion education and training with access to leading-edge laboratories, simulation suites, and abundant clinical rotation opportunities across the country. Perfusionists are trained to operate circulation equipment such as heart-lung machines during open-heart surgery or other medical procedures.

Explore Biomedical Labs

Bethany takes us for a tour of the many devices and tools available in LTU's Biomedical Engineering Labs.


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Yawen Li

Department Chair and Associate Professor

Dr. Li's primary research interests are in tissue engineering and materials processing. Dr. Li is also the director of the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope lab and the Microelectromechanical Systems (BioMEMS) lab.

Co-ops + Internships

Get inspired by LTU students who found internship and co-op opportunities – then dare to explore your own through LTU Career Services, or on-campus job and career fairs.

Samantha, a BSBE student at LTU, highlights her favorite things about her three internship experiences and what did she learn from them.

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