Video Production Terms and Conditions

eLearning Services Media Production is comprised of students studying in the field of Media Communication. While we are not a professional video production company, our goal is to provide the highest quality product possible with exceptional customer service. In order to provide excellent quality of service to all Lawrence Tech faculty, staff, and students, the following rules have been established for eLearning Service's video production services. Exceptions to these conditions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Scott Lehman at or 248.204.2488 for more information. 

1. Requests for video production, video editing, transcoding video formats, and audio support must be made using the eLearning Services Media Production Video Request Form at Once the request is received, a confirmation email will be issued to the requestor. Requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

2. Certain locations on campus have audio and lighting limitations including but not limited to: low lighting conditions, inability to utilize a room audio system feed, and mechanical noise interference. Some of the more common limitations are listed below.

  • A200 - Spotlights are fixed and cannot be moved. Auditorium sound system can be used via cables on the podium at the front of the room.
  • S100 - Stage lighting is the sole responsibility of the requestor and is managed by Media Services ( Auditorium sound system is also managed by Media Services. eLearning Services equipment CANNOT be connected to the sound system.
  • T429 - Lighting conditions are poor for video recordings done in this room. There is no auditorium sound system.

3. Raw footage filmed by eLearning Services shall remain the property of eLearning Services. All footage filmed by eLearning Services will be edited by eLearning Services unless an agreement is made prior to the event. Student videographers and editors work with requestors to ensure a quality final product is produced. 

4. Final edited video will be delivered via YouTube (public or unlisted, as specified by requestor) or on DVD. If a project requires more than two(2) DVDs, it is the responsibility of the requestor to provide additional DVDs to eLearning Services.

5. Projects with specific deadlines will be met as closely as possible. Certain factors may extend deadlines beyond control, including delayed response to editor questions, and heavy workloads. Media Production will make an effort to inform the requestor of deadline extensions.