The 3rd Annual “Teaching and Learning Using Technology” (TLT) Award

A Little History about the TLT Award

The idea for the TLT Award resulted from the Reinventing Teaching and Learning through Technology (RTLT) Task Force. The Task Force included representative faculty from each college and representatives from departments which dealt directly with the use of technology, such as the Center for Teaching and Learning, eLearning Services, the Library, etc. At the end of the RTLT Task Force term, a report was generated with recommendations. The TLT Award stemmed from the recommendation that each year - a deserving faculty member would be honored by Lawrence Tech University for his or her innovative teaching and learning with technology. 

The TLT award recognizes use of technology to create innovative approaches and support of teaching strategies and student learning experiences; the discipline-specific nature of the innovative use; and how through the use of technology student learning engagement may be increased.


2009 and 2010

TLT Awards The 2010 Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Award was awarded to Constance Bodurow and the 2009 TLT Award was awarded to Dan Price from Architecture. 2010 Awardees of the TLT Award and the Henry and Barbara Horldt Excellence in Teaching Award were recognized at a special event for the prestigious annual teaching awards. The TLT Awardee was presented with $750.00 in recognition for her innovative teaching and learning with technology.  

3rd Annual 2011 TLT Award
Nominations Due: February 25, 2011
Narratives Due: March 14, 2011
Selection Process:   March 18th through March 23rd, 2011
Award Event: April 7th, 2011

TLT Award Nomination and Selection ProcessNominations were submitted by colleagues or students through an online survey. The outstanding TLT Award nominees in 2010 included: Constance Bodurow, Tom Nashlen, and James Stevens from Architecture, Dr. Robert Fletcher from Engineering, and Dr. David Bindschadler, Dr. Christopher Cartwright, and Dr. Pamela Lowry from Arts & Science. This year, there are 6 TLT Award nominations and 7 nominees.

Faculty that wish their nomination to be considered by the TLT Award Committee may:

a) Contact Marija Franetovic ( for assistance, questions or examples on developing the narrative for the nomination process. Faculty members are also encouraged to disseminate their innovation internally and through future scholarship of teaching and learning with technology.

b) Forward the narrative to Dr. Richard Bush (, Director of eLearning Services, by March 14, 2011. The narratives and the associated TLT Award rubric will be used to assist in the selection process. Award finalists will be selected by the TLT Award Committee including Constance Bodurow, last year’s TLT Awardee, the Academic Deans, the Director of eLearning Services, and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning with the award winner selected by the Provost. 

The TLT Award program has been successful for 3 consecutive years by facilitating the sharing of best practices and by supporting innovative colleagues and teachers who use technology to teach and engage Lawrence Tech University students.