eLearning Services, "Online Evaluation and Assessment Services" provides teaching and learning support for development of:

  • Assessment planning for courses and programs
  • Team / Group based assignments and team assessment
  • Online collaborative learning environment
  • Proposal for developing and implementation plan for online programs
  • Individual or Program improvement plan incorporating Student Evaluation Survey data


Assess Student Feedback and Plan for Success

Each semester faculty members receive a report summarizing Students’ Evaluation of course content and teaching effectiveness. In your role as a faculty member of Lawrence Tech it is important to assess what is working well and where there are opportunities for continuous improvement for each course your teach.  Planning for success in the classroom begins with planning and evaluation of feedback from students and personal reflection of the last time you taught. 

The form “Faculty Plan for Course Revision and Teaching Enhancement" was developed to assist with reflection and planning for success. Using this form, you will record a plan for improving course content, and enhancing teaching effectiveness.

How do you get started?  Using your last End-of-Term Student Evaluation report and the information listed in the “Faculty Plan for Course Revision and Teaching Enhancement" form, document a plan for success.  Implement the plan for a future course, or one you are currently teaching. Implement the plan and review the results at the semester midpoint and at the end of the semester.

This document can also be used to plan for a visit with a eLearning Services course developer to learn more about tools and strategies to enhance your course.