Faculty Sharing Lessons Learned!


Outcomes of 2010 "TLT Awards and Mini-Grants"

Outcomes of the 2010 LTU Award programs and the collaboration between the CTL and eLearning departments led to faculty members contributing toward LTU’s internal scholarship of teaching and learning. Dr. Scott Schneider, Director of the CTL, and Marija Franetovic, eLearning Course Developer, coordinated the Faculty Showcase Workshop October 28th, 2010. The workshop was very well attended by faculty and administrators from different disciplines, totaling approximately 40 attendees.

The Faculty Showcase Workshop was designed for faculty attendees to:

  • Find out how LTU colleagues use technology tools for continuous improvement in their courses
  • See actual student examples and feedback; Consider kick-starting an innovative project!
  • Explore which technology tools are most useful for the faculty member's discipline and unique teaching style
  • Take the 'guess work' out of implementation; Hear what LTU faculty suggest works best!

The workshop created a peer-exchange environment on best practices for teaching and learning with technology. After the presentations, the faculty visited different presenters' stations and asked questions in an engaging “Speed TLTing” Activity: rtsp://www.ltuvitrc.com/depts/ctl/201110/TLTpart8.rmvb

The workshop highlighted that even though technology in higher education may be a succinct concept; there are many different angles for looking at innovative teaching and learning with technology. It also illustrated the variety of technologies and approaches between different disciplines. For the 2010 Faculty Showcase, the presentations fell within one of the following categories or a combination of a few of them:

Stevens J.
Real-world use of discipline-specific cutting-edge technology 
Bodurow C. 
Original technology innovation for research and education
Zwiesler-Vollick J.
Efficient process for collaboration through technology
Zhou C.
Cartwright C.
Interactive classroom technologies as learning tool
Lowry P.
Design and delivery using interactive online technologies
Shamamy P.
Redesign for technology integration for use as teaching tool 

Immediately after the Workshop, a few faculty members continued a discussion of future ideas and needs for the next Annual Faculty Showcase for the fall of 2011. If you have a suggestion for a presentation topic or a potential presenter, please either email Marija Franetovic mfranetov@ltu.edu or Scott Schneider sschneide@ltu.edu with the subject heading : "Suggestion - 2011 Faculty Showcase."