Program Delivery Model

All LTU Online courses follow LTU's academic calendar, with Fall and Spring semesters 13 to 15 weeks in length, and are delivered in 100% online mode. Courses are delivered asynchronously using Blackboard Learning System. LTU Online courses are designated within the University course schedule as the "OL" campus.


Course Development 

Teams of faculty, industry experts, and instructional designers use a course development methodology to design reusable learning objects for inclusion in LTU Online Blackboard courses. A Course Development Template is available for faculty for the purpose of organizing and planning their course.  To support student engagement and faculty presence, it is suggested that faculty develop recommended Learning and Teaching Schedules specific to their course.


Course Delivery

LTU Online courses are highly interactive and may include lectures, discussion, individual and group assignments, and critiques. Faculty members are required to be online regularly to answer student questions, facilitate class discussion, and work with students individually and in groups.

Course and Program Evaluation

Students enrolled in LTU Online courses complete a mid-term and end-of-term Course Evaluation Survey to provide feedback about the instructor's teaching, the course content and the course delivery. LTU Online instructors complete a Course Revision and Teaching Enhancement Document where they plan course revisions and teaching enhancements based on the data gathered from 1. frequently asked questions, 2. student evaluations, and 3. their own reflections about the course.  They also provide feedback about the support services facilitated by LTU Online.

SOTL Draft Presentation on Prezi