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eLearning serviceseLearning supports LTU colleges and academic departments in the use of innovative technologies and strategies for teaching and learning. eLearning assists faculty in the design and development of engaging online degree programs as well as the implementation of technology enriched learning environments throughout LTU’s campus.

Phone:  248.204.2380 | Fax: 248.204.2389 | e-mail:  elearning@ltu.edu

We are located in the Business Services Building in the eLearning Suite.

LTU Online Programs

Here at Lawrence Tech we have a long tradition of rigorous academics. Our online degree programs embrace the same standards of quality as our traditional classroom delivery methods. LTU Online provides access to our excellent curriculum and faculty to students all across the world. Click here for a listing of all LTU Online Programs eLearning supports: http://onlinedegrees.ltu.edu/

Lawrence Technological University's Online Learning Programs are authorized or exempt from authorization requirements in all 50 states and Washington D.C

eLearning Makes Things Work!
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Course design and development focuses on effective use of teaching and learning strategies with technologies, faculty support, and student support and learning engagement. For more information click here.

Tech support 
eLearning Services Media Pro team provides media production support for the creation of digital video, audio, and graphics projects. For more information please click here
Quality initiative focuses on the program quality, the course quality, and the delivery quality of all of LTU's online programs and courses. For more information click here.
eHelp is a one stop source for instructions and documentation to help you navigate the computing environment at Lawrence Tech. For more information click here.



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