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Canvas mobile app available for students Apple IOS and Android users. 

Technical Skills Requirements

Technical skills required for success in an online classroom include:

  • Basic computer knowledge and skills to participate in the online learning environment
    • Know what browser you are using 
    • Know what operating system you are using (MAC OSX, Win 8, Win 10, etc.)
      •  This is critical when looking for answers to technical questions or contacting the help desk about canvas. 
        • See Equipment/Connectivity Tab for minimum requirements
    • Use email to communicate with instructor and other students within the class successfully
    • Access the Internet and navigate various webpages and the online learning environment
    • Have a basic familiarity with your computer and its programs

Student skills

  • Self-motivated to work within the online learning environment 
  • Strong organizational skills will help the student to succeed with coursework and everyday life challenges 
  • Adhere to deadlines and pre-set schedules for assignments and other course work and tests

Online learning is flexible, however, the success of the student is dependent upon the above factors. When students do not adhere to schedules, remain organized, and fail to remain motivated, success within the online learning environment is reduced significantly.