eHelp Zoom - Google Calendar Scheduler

Using Zoom, Google Calendar and Canvas, you can set appointment blocks were students can sign up for ‘virtual appointments’, student presentations, or one-on-one meetings with you in Zoom.

Google Calendar

To add a Zoom session to LTU Google Calendar, first add the extension that allows scheduling a Zoom meeting directly in your Google calendar. The link to add the Zoom Scheduler extension in Chrome and the link to add the Zoom Scheduler extension in Firefox. Once you add the Zoom Scheduler, you will now see the option ‘make it a Zoom meeting'.


Set up calendar event-single day with various time slots

NOTE: For multiple dates/time slots, before you invite / send / add invitation – click the calendar event, select Edit (pencil icon), More actions, Duplicate. Edit the date for this event save.

Go to calendar and select the date for the appointments.

Type in Title, select “Appointment Slots”, verify date and times, and then select “More Options”.

Click on Make it a Zoom Meeting. The Zoom URL is added to calendar event. Save. The appointment is added to the calendar.


Select the appointment block to open editing options and select Go to appointment page for this calendar.


Copy the entire URL! This is the link you will add to Canvas


Add to Canvas

You can add this to an announcement. Create announcement – MAKE SURE YOU GIVE STUDENTS directions on what they are to do.


Google calendar view for instructor event / student

When students select their date/time, you will receive confirmation invitation in Google email (as well as the student)