eHelp Zoom - Download Recording

Saving to Zoom Cloud
LTU is charged for excessive storage, but there may still be a way to maximize the value of the
Zoom Cloud and use “save to” Zoom Cloud as a "temporary landing” option!

Set Zoom Recording Options to Cloud Recording

  • The recording ‘saving’ process takes less time and
  • Don't have to be concerned about turning off computer
  • No waiting for conversion to download
  • Get an email when ready (no wondering) - example of email:
    Hi .. Your cloud recording is now available.
    Topic: Training Site
    Date: 2020 07:38 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    For host only, click here to view your recording detail (viewers cannot access this page):
  • No need to "find" where the file was stored - located in Zoom “Cloud Recordings
  • Click inside the recording icon to open and play. Click Download at top right in browser window. 
  • Once downloaded, rename the default name ‘GMT2020xx.mp4’ to a specific name; class 3078 session April 18 
  • Upload to shared Google Drive folder,  Kaltura My Media, or YouTube
  • Use the shared link in your Canvas course

DELETE the recording from Cloud storage.