eHelp Zoom - Closed Captions

Auto-generated captions automatically provide speaker subtitles on a Zoom video meeting allowing participants to follow what is being said. Captions are immediately available during the session, as well as available if the Zoom session is recorded. As with other transcriptions, the recording process will take additional time so the Zoom recording may be delayed because of the transcription processing.

The closed caption option is available in Zoom when using or from Zoom scheduled meetings within Canvas.

Starting a Zoom meeting does require that you enable captioning. From Zoom Control Bar:

  • Select More … ;
  • Captions;
  • Show Captions;
  • Speaking Language (default English);
  • Save

zoom Locate Captions

Zoom displays confirmation of the selection.

As your session progresses, you will be able to view the captioning live.

zoom session progress

If recorded, captions will be available in the recording.

zoom available after recording