eHelp Zoom - Attendance

You can get reports for those meetings that are yours and the participants that attended your Zoom sessions by accessing the Zoom report feature. To access, see, and export the reports you have to use the web portal. Here are the steps:

Log into and sign in from the portal (How to log into Zoom Desktop)

  • Once logged in to portal, click Reports on the left hand side menu area 
  • Then click Usage
  • Click the calendar on the reports screen to select the date range required - max 1 mo  (e.g., 8/24/2020 to 8/30/2020)
  • Click Search
  • The column you are looking for is Participants by meeting session (don't see, click on Toggle column button and uncheck unneeded columns)
  • You can either click Export as CSV File to get all that in them time frame or click the number of attendees, in the participant column. The latter will open the report showing who was in the session
  • The next screen shows you information on join, leave time. To export - click Export and save the report locally.