Wimba Classroom

Wimba Classroom is a Web-conferencing application that will allow students and instructors to communicate real-time via voice and graphics over the Internet.

Since Wimba Classroom incorporates both audio and video,

  • The use of a headset with a microphone is suggested.
  • The use of a hard-wire network connection is suggested, as well.
  • You can use a wireless network connection; however, it has been found that signal strength and quality are better when "hard-wired" connections are used.


Using Wimba


Wimba Classroom is integrated and accessible from within Blackboard. 

  • Log in to Blackboard and enter your Blackboard course
  • From the menu tabs in the course, select Course Tools; Wimba Classroom

Since Wimba uses both video/audio interfaces and a Java plug-in; it is necessary to ensure that the computer you will be using can access Live Classroom. This is accomplished by running the Set-Up Wizard successfully.

Before you participate / access Wimba Classroom for the first time make sure verify that your computer can run Wimba plug ins by running the Wimba Setup Wizard.