Important Notice Regarding Blackboard Wimba!

Blackboard Wimba Classroom has been replaced by the Blackboard Collaborate Web conference.
Wimba archives (recordings) available only until August 2015.

How do I save my Wimba recordings?

  • You can convert and download the Wimba recording as an MP4 / MP3 file and save locally.


Download/Save Archived/Recorded Sessions

Wimba Classroom archives can be downloaded from Blackboard as either an .mp4 (video) or .mp3 (audio) format and then saved locally onto your computer, flash drive or uploaded to your YouTube account.

Download a Wimba recording using link:

  • Copy the entire link address and paste the link into the browser address line.
  • From the Wimba login page, type your initials or name in the Participants Login text box and click Enter
  • The “Run Wizard” page will open, if you have run Wimba previously and have gone through the setup wizard, select “click here” to open the recording
  • When the recording opens to the right of the pause/play option, click the down arrow to the right of Downloads and select either MP4 (video and audio) or MP3 (audio only) format
  • When the recording is complete, selecting Downloads again will open the Save File option, select save file and the converted M4V file will be in your computer’s local download folder.

If you download a Wimba archive using the .MP4 format and you want to upload it to YouTube you will need to change the file extension to .mp4

  • In your Download folder, right click on the file name and select “Rename” from the list.
  • Change the file extension from .m4v to .mp4. Then hit “Enter” from your keyboard - you may receive a warning that change file type may become unusable – just click OK to make the change. 
  • Verify that you can play the video and once done you now have the video (MP4) saved locally. 

Learn About Collaborate?

Our eHelp website has documentation and videos that will help you with using Collaborate:

You can also contact eLearning to schedule one-on-one sessions or invite us to your next department meeting