VoiceThread replaces canvas's Voice Authoring Tools

VoiceThread is incorporated in canvas. What is VoiceThread and how does it compare to Voice Authoring Tools?

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that allows users to add voice, text, and video from within canvas. VoiceThread is great for having a conversation around an image, or reading a passage or poem, learning a language or sharing knowledge interactively through audio, video, and annotations, in addition to text.

Enhancements/Features that will be forthcoming

  • Integration of VoiceThread within Discussion Boards
  • Integration of VoiceThread within Grade Center (ability to create a VoiceThread assignment)
  • Features similar to the Voice Podcast, Voice Authoring in canvas


How does VoiceThread functionality compare to Discussion Board?

  • Interface allows for asynchronous conversation around an image or video
  • Ability to annotate images and videos 
  • Ability to use as a presentation tool