Lawrence Tech provides instructors and students with web applications that support and enhance learning.

VoiceThread: an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that allows users to add voice, text, and video from within canvas. VoiceThread is great for having a conversation around an image, or reading a passage or poem, learning a language or sharing knowledge interactively through audio, video, and annotations, in addition to text.

Google+ Hangouts: available with our LTU Google+ Apps options providing an option for "live" delivery. More info at:

  • Live, synchronous sessions of course delivery, but sessions can be recorded (“YouTube Live”) and archived to a YouTube channel.
  • Video chat with up to 23 people from any device – your computer, tablet, or your smartphone
  • Use any combination of text, voice, and video and a number of web conferencing tools
  • Share your screen and collaborate on documents through Google Drive and/or use a variety of Google add-ons
  • Recordings are stored in Google’s cloud and are available through YouTube. They continue to be accessible.


YouTube Live (formerly Google+ Hangouts): allows recording of Google Hangout sessions

  • The ability to record a "Hangout" is still available, what was Google "Hangouts on Air" has now become YouTube Live.
  • You can still record your live event while showing at the same time. The steps may be different but results will be the same.
  • Go to Sign in to your LTU email account and YouTube. New Event