You can use color codes to apply backgrounds and text color that meet certain criteria that you create or edit (there are default criteria to start) from within the Grade Center.

Adding color rules to Grade Center items provide you visual indicators that help you interpret information quickly.


Set up Color Coding in Grade Center:

  • Select Grade Center, Full Grade Center from Control Panel. Select Manage on the action bar then select Grading Color Codes from the drop-down list.

  • Select the check box for Enable Grading Color Codes on the Grading Color Codes

  • In the Color Coding Options section you can:

    • Select a color for each grading status (In Progress, Needs Grading, or Exempt) if desired, and/or
    • Create criteria rules in the Grade Ranges section by: Click Add Criteria to create a color rule, select "Between, More Than, or Less Than" from the criteria drop-down and type a percentage in the box or boxes.

  • For Background Color and Text:  click the down pointing arrows icon to access the Swatch Color box and select a color. Click Apply to save it.

  • Click Submit. The Grade Center page appears with a success message stating that the color coding is updated. Colors based on your rules appear in the affected cells.

Note: If you create a rule that contains some of the same information as another rule, the system generates a warning, allowing you to edit your criteria.


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