The instructions below will take you through how to change or add images in Canvas using Design Tools Upload/Embed tool.

To upload/embed image in Edit mode:

  • Log into and access Canvas course
  • On the Home Page (or desired page) select Edit mode
  • Click to select the image to be replaced

In the Tool Bar click either Tools -> Apps or the Plug icon


If you have not previously chosen any apps, you will see the below window after clicking Apps. Click Upload/Embed Images


On the Upload/Embed Image page, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Prompts you to Choose Image. Locate the image desired from local file.
Step 2: Move, position and align the cropping outline on the image until Width is as close to "640" and Height is as close to "263" as possible.
Step 3: Click Crop Image. On the next screen add a file name and select Upload to Canvas.


The Cropped/Resized Image screen displays status of the status. Once complete you will have to option to select Embed into Editor. This will replace the generic image and also place the image file in Canvas Images files