How Do I Submit my Assignments?

My instructor indicated that I have to submit my assignment in Blackboard, how do I do this?

  1. In your course select the menu area as directed by the instructor (e.g., Assignments or Modules). Make sure you read and follow the directions! 

  2. Find and select (click) the assignment name (hyperlink) to open the Upload Assignment window: 

    • Scroll down to the “Assignment Submission” and to the right of Attach File select “Browse My Computer
    • The “Choose File to Upload” box opens, locate the file you wish to submit; select (highlight) and click Open
    • Under “Attached Files” you will see the name of the file that has been uploaded.
    • Add any comments if desired, scroll down and click Submit

  3. When you submit the assignment, the Review Submission History window will open and you will see a preview of the assignment that you are submitting.
    • You can page through the document using the up/down arrows above the preview window and
    • you can see assignment detail on the right hand pane such as grade points, attempts, and submission information so you know that the assignment will be available for instructor grading.

  4. Scroll down and click OK to finalize


Keep file names short. Use letters, numbers and underscores only!

Do not use special characters in the filename

such as: & # % . , ; : * ^ ! @ $ () + ? / \

Acceptable filenames: my_assignment1_student

Unacceptable filename: my-assignment#1, student


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