Using Rubrics

Rubrics enable efficient, consistent grading of submitted assignments, journals, and discussion boards. The rubric is 'clickable', allowing dynamic entry of feedback and ratings. You can choose one of five types (percent, points, point range, percent range, and no-points), as well as assign weights to categories. 

Instructors can choose to have the rubric viewable by students and rubrics can be exported and imported for use across courses thus allowing the same rubric to be assigned to multiple gradable items and assigned grades integrates in the Grade Center. 

Watch "Create Rubric"

Create a Rubric

Select Control Panel, Course Tools, Rubrics, Create Rubric
  • On Create Rubric page, type in a name for the rubric and a description of the rubric making it easier to associate the rubric to other assignments
    • Rubric Details: A rubric template is provided with three (3) assessment Criteria (Rows) and Level of Achievement (Columns). Using Add Row / Add Column you can also insert additional rows/columns. 
    • Rubric Type:  Select either "Percent" (default); "No Points"; "Points"; "Point Range"; or Percent Range
    • Criteria rows and Level of Achievement columns can be re-ordered and names can be edited and/or deleted using drop-down arrow to right of name. 
When creating gradeable Assignments, Discussion Board forums, or Journals/Wikis, you can associate rubrics to use in grading.

Associate Rubrics to Assignments video

Create a Grading Rubric video    Download Instructions PDF image

Grade using rubric

    1. Access the assignment to be graded from the Grade Center. Select View Grade Details, View Attempts (for Discussion Board, select Grade User Activity). To show rubric, expand the Grading Panel by clicking on down arrow below Grade window
    2. Click a cell to apply the point value (or point range) to the grade. You can type/add Feedback to the student in the text box that appears when a cell is selected. A running Total score appears as you make point selections. 

    3. When complete, click Exit to leave the rubric without saving your selections, or click Save to save the score and feedback and return to the attempt.

Export/Import Rubrics

  • Rubrics can be saved and reused in other courses by exporting / importing rubrics
  • Rubrics will be exported (downloaded) as zip file to local computer or to Blackboard Content System
  • Once downloaded, you can import the file from either locally saved zip file or from Blackboard Content System into current course. 


    • Select Control Panel, Course Tools, Rubrics. Select a specific rubric by selecting its check box or select all by selecting check box to left of Name column
    • Select "Export to Local Computer" or "Export to Content Collection" and click Submit


    • Select Control Panel, Course Tools, Rubrics. Select Import Rubric
    • Select either Browse my Computer or Browse Content Collection, select the rubric "zipped" file and click Submit 

Export/Import (Reuse) Rubrics PDF image