How Do I Review My Grades?

NOTE: Some students are not able to see grades icon from the Navigation Bar or when selecting View Bb Grades from the MyLTU area some students are directed to the Calendar area.

There is an issue that is being investigated by Blackboard on this issue. Students can still access grades using the My Grades tool within the course until resolved.

To view grades in the course - access the Course Tools menu tab, scroll and select My Grades in the tools area. Grades are displayed for that course.

You can view your Grades in Blackboard one of three ways:

  1. Select the MyLTU tab on the top menu and then select View Bb Grades under Blackboard Tools. This view will show you the grades for all the courses you are enrolled in 

  2. Select My Grades icon located on the Global Navigation bar. This view will also show you the grades for all the courses you are enrolled in .. OR .. Select Course Tools, My Grades from within a specific course will show you the grades for that particular course


Once in My Grades page you will see four columns:

  • The Item column listing the name of the graded item. If there is an associated grading rubric, clicking on the hyperlink View Rubric will display the associated values. 
  • The Feedback column displays instructor feedback (if any) on the graded assignment
  • The Last Activity column shows when the assignment was submitted, graded or if date due is upcoming 
  • The Grade column displays the grade or status icon (e.g., orange button indicates that assignment submitted but not yet graded)

For more detail, watch Review My Grades video below

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