Retention Center

Blackboard's Retention Center provides visual and easy-to-use rules for identifying students at risk. There is no set up required and instructor's are automatically notified of students who may need attention. The Retention Center allows you to immediately see what students need your help and/or drill in to identify specific areas of difficulty. At risk students can be contacted immediately or flagged to monitor more closely.

There are four pre-configured rules immediately available:

  1. Missed Deadlines: One Deadline missed more than 0 days

  2. Grade Alerts: Grade is 25% below class average 

  3. Access Alerts: Last course access is more than 5 days

  4. Activity Alerts: Activity is 20% below course average


Instructors can also tailor the default rules or create additional rules to monitor students in the course.

How do I access the Retention Center and use?

Access the Retention Center from Global Navigation for a snapshot view across courses or from Control Panel, Evaluation, Retention Center in a specific course**

**If you do not see the Retention Center under Control Panel, Evaluation select Control Panel, Customization, and Tool Availability, place a check in the box to the right of Retention Center and click Submit. The Retention Center should now be listed under Control Panel, Evaluation

Students at Risk

The red bar shows you at a glance the total number of students that are “at risk”. Click the bar to show the number of students in each category: Missed Deadlines; Grades Alert; Activity Alert; and Access Alert. These numbers correspond to the four column categories. For more detail on a particular student and item, click the “red dot” in that particular column for a particular student. 

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