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Network Printers

Students, Faculty, and Staff may print to various network printers on campus. If connected wirelessly, you must be connected to the LTU Network (not LTU Guest) to access any LTU printers with the exception of Hot Spot printers.

Printers are named to match their building and room locations. For example, printer S110 is located in room 110 of the Science building. See the table and installation instructions below for public printers.

  Click here for a list of public printers


Windows 10-
  1. Navigate to the Windows 10 search bar. This is located on the left side of the taskbar.
  2. Type \\print and press Enter .
    If you know the name of the printer you want to install, you can enter it directly into the command box: For example, to install printer C203, enter the command \\print\PublicLibrary and click ‘OK.’
  3. If you are prompted to sign in, please enter "campus\" before your username.
  4. Icons will display for all network printers on the print server. Find the printer you want to install and double click on the printer icon. During this process, the printer driver is being installed on your system. When the printer window opens, the printer is installed and ready to use.

Windows 11 & Mobile Devices-
Please click here for printing instructions. Microsoft Office, Adobe, text, jpg, and other image format files will print. AutoCAD files will not print.


  1. Click on the System Preferences.
  2. Click on Print & Scanners
  3. Click on the Plus Sign “+”
  4. Click on IP and enter the information below:

    Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Queue: is the printer name, for example PublicAAC
    Name: put the same thing as the queue name, for example PublicAAC
    Location: (leave blank)
    Use: Generic PCL Printer

  5. Click add

Print Management Software

LTU's print management software is Papercut .

Black and white public printer release stations  Users just need to click the Quick Release button on the client to release.

Public Print Release Station Instructions

The printLab color printers and plotters are now also managed by Papercut. All color and plot jobs can only be released by printLab staff. Printing in color requires users to pay via PayPal.

Color Print Job Payment Instructions.

The CoADNorthBW and CoADNorthColor print queues are handled by a single release station. Black and white jobs can be released the same as any other public printer on campus. Color jobs will require Papercut credit, and to release these jobs, users will have to log into the release station using their normal network credentials. Card swipe is not available at this location. Credit on Papercut account is the only way to release jobs at this location.


Hotspot printers are available to any user through an Internet connection. Users do not need to have Campus network credentials to access these printers. Simply send an email to with the documentation you wish print attached. You can visit any of the four locations listed below to complete the print. Formats include simple text documents, Microsoft Office documents and Adobe formatted documents. Please note, if your document contains ANY color (including color text, logos, etc.) it will be considered a color document and will show a charge to print.

Select the location that you want to print to, decide if you want black and white or color. Simply follow the instructions to print.

  • Black and White printing is free
  • Color printing is $0.50/page for 8.5x11
  • Color Printing is $1.00/page for 11x17

Hotspot Release Station Instructions


Print directly from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to one of our convenient campus locations:

  • Buell Management Building (Atrium)
  • Library