Record PowerPoint Presentation, export as MPeg4 file, upload to YouTube or Google Drive and add link to Canvas. 

If the instructor has added an assignment folder in Panopto you can upload the recording to assignment folder 

How to create in PowerPoint

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to add narrations
  • From PowerPoint menu bar, select Slide Show, Record Slide Show
  • On the Record window make sure Settings show correct microphone and whether you want to record your camera. At the bottom of the window you can turn of the camera if desired
  • When you are ready to begin, click the Record button. To pause the recording at any time, just press the record button again to pause. When ready to restart, make sure to press the Pause button! 
  • When you have recorded the last slide, you can either press Enter, or Stop. Review recording.
  • When done recording, select File, Export, Create a Video, Create Video

Now upload the video to either YouTube, Google Drive, or Panopto Assignment Folder