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Date Sent:
 Monday, March 18, 2019

From: Mr. Vun Mkhize -


The Sunday Independent Newspaper December 07, 2014 {Business Report} Captioned: FOUND IN SOUTH AFRICA LIBYA'S TRILLIONS.

South Africa looted Libya with 2 {Two} trillion US Dollars and as well as Hundreds of tons of Gold and at least 6 {Six} million Carats of Diamonds in Assets belonging to the people of Libya.

This is the world's largestcash pile is stored in palettes at seven heavily guarded Warehouses and bunkers in secret locations between Johannesburg and Pretoria. The Hawks investigation into possible violation of exchange controls as well as international interests from the UN and the US. Those interested in the Libyan loot include several high-ranking ANC politicians, several Business leaders, a former high court judge and a number of private Companies.

Four{4}Banks in South Africa believed to be in excess of R260 Billion and R2 trillion held in three {3}warehouses with legal Assets of Hotels in Johannesburg and  Capetown. Genuine government Documents showed that at least US$179 Billion is kept illegally in a Storage facilities across Gauteng. Soon after Muammar Gaddafi's death in October 2011, the new Libyan government embarked on a large-scale mission to recover legal Assets in South Africa, The rest of Africa, The US and Europe.

The Libyan government has formed a special board, The National Board for the following up and Recovery of Libyan looted funds, Diamonds, Gold and Assets. The Two {2} Companies have presented themselves to the South African government claiming they were mandated by National Board to recover the funds. The two companies are: The Texas-based Washington African Consulting Group {WACG} led by its chief executive - Erik Goalied and The Maltese-based-Sam Serj led by its chief executive. Tahah Buishi. The Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani has issued a serious mandate to recover the looted assets and the South African President-Jacob Zuma has adhere to send back some legal Assets to the Libyan people.

in view of the above, I Mr. Vun Mkhize, the managing director of the warehouses {Storage facilities} name withheld for security reasons, where the money, Diamond, Gold and Assets are lodged, in Johannesburg and Pretoria have decided to use this opportunity based on my power and control over the Assets and my presidential connections to seek for a foreign company or person{s} that will claim this amount of USD$40 Million kept in a separate suitcase for our private use. I will provide all the necessary legal backing to move out the money out of the Country.

Finally, please if you are interested in this transaction, all I want you to do is to send me your Private Mobile Phone and Fax Numbers for Easy Communication including your personal Bank Account Details, where this money will be transfer (Your Bank Name, Bank Address, Account Number, Account Holder’s Name, Bank Branch, Identity Number, and Home Address). Please kindly call me on the above private phone numbers before sending a fax message for security reasons. While I’m looking forward to receive your immediate reply by phone or fax as soon as you receive this letter.  
Or kindly send me e-mail through my private e-mail: Thanks and may the Almighty God.

Do kindly indicate your interest and willingness to work with me move the funds out of South Africa for our benefits. Contact me immediately via my direct email address:, and please call my direct telephone numbers to confirm receipt of your reply while thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

With best regards,
Mr. Vun Mkhize.