Using Performance Dashboard to Assess Student Attendance

One method of assessing student attendance is to review that they have logged into the Blackboard course and are participating in assigned course material.

Blackboard's Performance Dashboard provides a summary of student access and activity. Using the Performance Dashboard in conjunction with the Retention Center provides instructors with tools that assist in  early identification of at-risk students.

To access Performance Dashboard from specific course select and expand “Evaluation” menu under the Control Panel.

The Evaluation menu displays selectable options for accessing Course Reports, Retention Center and Performance Dashboard. 

Select (click) Performance Dashboard. The Performance Dashboard provides up-to-date report on activity in table format. Column headings include student information (last name, first name, username), 

  • Last Course Access indicates the date and time the student last accessed the course.
  • Days Since Last Course Access indicate the actual number of days that have elapsed 
  • Review Status indicates how many items have been marked as "Reviewed" if you have not set this column may not be visible
  • Adaptive Release displays if there are any course items with adaptive release activated
  • Discussion Board displays the number of posts for a student. Click the link to display which forums a student has posted to and statistics about each post. Forum names link to a collection of posts for the student.
  • Customize Retention Center displays the number of alerts and the total number of rules for a student. Click the link to open the Retention Center page for the student.
  • View Grades: click on the icon to display the Grade Center information for the student

Note: Using the combined total of "Days Since Last Course Access" and "Discussion Board" count provides an overview of students’ classroom attendance.



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