Panopto V5.2 Upgrade

Panopto CourseCast is a presentation capture application that lets you record, capture PowerPoint presentations; audio and video lectures and share these recordings in a Blackboard course.

Complementing the upgrade of Blackboard, LTU has upgraded Panopto Lecture Capture to Version 5.2

Version 5.2 provides significant improvements over the older version such as:

  • Use of HTML5
  • A new recorder interface.
    Note you will have to download the updated version of the Panopto recorder
  • Personal "My Folder" / Home Page enhancements
  • The “My Folder” allows you to create, upload, and share recordings from one folder location
  • The ability to create subfolders under My Folder location to easily locate and organize your course recordings.
    Organize videos by course or topic by creating sub-folders!
  • Basic Editing Capability on recorded lectures
  • Create, edit and delete cuts

What do I need to do?

You need to:

  • Configure your Blackboard course for Panopto Lecture use
  • Download and install (or update) the Panopto recorder on your computer
  • Record and upload lectures to Blackboard
Panapto Logo

Provision Blackboard Course (Instructors)

The new Panopto recorder must be installed locally on your computer (PC or MAC). The recorder can be downloaded from Blackboard after course provision. The following links have specific instructions for downloading and installing the Panopto for either the PC or MAC.

You must Provision your Blackboard course before users are able to access and download the new recorder

  • Provision: Go to Course Tools, select the Panopto Content link
  • Once selected, if the course has not been provisioned, you will see “This course is not provisioned with Panopto….”
  • Underneath this text, click on the Configure button and on the next screen select the “Add Course to Panopto
  • Click OK on the confirmation screen and then click Submit on the next screen


Download and install the new Panopto recorder from within Blackboard (all)

  • Access Course Tools, Panopto Content link
    ManageRecordings.png Click the arrow icon on the right to open "Manage My Recordings "
  • Select the Download Panopto Recorder  DownloadPanopto.png
  • Select to download the appropriate installer (Windows / MAC) and install
  • Once installed, select the sign in option “Sign in with Blackboard” and type in your Blackboard username and password

You should now see the updated Panopto recorder interface




Create Recording

Once the recorder is installed, open Panopto recorder and begin. The link below contains detailed instructions on recording and uploading your lecture to Blackboard

 Download PDF (Create Recording)




HELP! Cannot use Hot Keys in Panopto with the LTU Yoga

The HOT KEYS on the LTU Yoga tablet do not seem to work?

Each manufacturer sets keyboard functions differently. The LTU Yoga keyboard defaults to the Fn keys controlling computer options.

Turn off the FnLk by pressing and holding the Fn key (on the bottom and to the right of Ctrl key) and pressing the Esc key (top left).

The Fn key will now display a "green light" and Panopto HOT keys will now work!