Panopto CourseCast is a lecture / presentation capture application that allows you record, screen capture, PowerPoint presentations; audio and video lectures and share these recordings in a Canvas course.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is also a lecture / presentation capture application that allows you to record screen capture, PowerPoint presentations; audio and video lectures. Whereas Panopto is incorporated within canvas, Camtasia Studio is an LTU licensed application for faculty only at this time. Camtasia provides more options and more editing capabilities.

Uses/Features Camtasia Panopto
Easy to use (steeper learning curve for incorporating additional features, such as advanced editing) x x
Screen record how to use software or anything on your desktop x x
Put a face on your voice by turning on your webcam (in addition to the screenrecording and audio) x x
Create a video announcement or a video Discussion Board post x x
Present and share your work in a professional manner (more options with Camtasia's look and feel) x x
Let your students present an online presentation (currently - Camtasia license limited to faculty)   x
 Advanced Functionality  Camtasia  Panopto
 Produce Picture-in-Picture (PiP) display - have a recorded video showing you speaking over captured screen activity x  
 Easily edit audio and video on separate tracks within the application (without losing quality) x  
 Import videos, photos, and/or music x  
Add title clips and captions, use cursor effects, zoom and pan around a clip, and more (part of advanced editing) x  
Add professional-looking transitions from one video clip to another, table of contents and different playbar x  
Create knowledge check questions and/or interactive quizzes within your presentation x  
Create and annotate video (using TechSmith Furse app) with your smartphone/tablet and share it online x  
Output Options Camtasia Panopto
Upload your presentation to an LTU-managed Panopto Server   x
Preview your presentation prior to uploading x  
Upload your presentation to  GoogleDrive and/or YouTube
Upload your presentation to a free ScreenCast account (2GB limit) x  
Embed your presentation in a website x  
Download your “as is” presentation file x  
Post the link to your presentation on canvas and/or send it via email x x
View the presentation on your smartphone/tablet x x