Faculty Orientation Videos

Familiarize yourself with some of Lawrence Tech's services via the "Welcome" videos below. These videos will inform you of services and support LTU provides our faculty. Please watch them PRIOR to your faculty orientation session and refer back to them as you need the information.

Welcome to LTU!

We are pleased to have you join our distinguished LTU faculty. Lawrence Tech is committed to providing our students the highest quality learning experience. To reach this goal, we recruit the best faculty and we invest in faculty development to strengthen their instructional skills.

Please watch this What Students Want video. It was made by LTU students explaining what they expect from our faculty.

Faculty Blackboard Requirements

Here at LTU, we use Blackboard as a course management tool. Blackboard provides a tool to manage course documents. It gives students access to course materials 24/7 even on mobile devices. Faculty can post announcements and email students directly in just a few clicks. Blackboard keeps track of grades and provides easy tracking of student progress.

Blackboard has many features to assist faculty in delivering content, assessing learning and engaging student and faculty are encouraged to use any that enhance their course. However, there are four minimum requirements regarding faculty use of Blackboard.

1) Create and post a Syllabus that meets department, College, and University requirements.

2) Post your Contact Information with your preferred method of communication, anticipated response time, office hours, etc.

3) Communicate via Announcement page and reminders, updates, notifications.

4) Post grades in Grade Center so students can monitor their grades and receive feedback on assignments.

Below are detailed, target support videos and step-by-step directions to guide you through each of these requirements.



A course syllabus is the blueprint detailing your course plan. It must clearly communicate your expectations for student -- what assignments they will complete, when they are due, how they will be graded, etc. Many departments and colleges provide syllabi templates or syllabi language that you will use. Please work with your program chair to ensure your syllabus meets their requirements.

Resources for creating a quality syllabus:
Preparing an Effective Syllabus
Rethinking the Syllabus Rubric

Resources for posting syllabus to Blackboard:
PDF Directions  
Posting a Syllabus Video Tutorial
Contact Information

Students need to know how to contact you. Let them know your preferred method of communication and how quickly they should expect a response. You’re not on call 24/7 so use this feature to establish reasonable expectations for your response and post this information in Blackboard. 

Adding Contact Information Video Tutorial

Show your students that you are actively engaged in the course by posting updates to the Announcement page. This is a great way to share resources, give updates on the course and remind students of upcoming assignments.  

Posting an Announcement Video Tutorial
Grade Center

Blackboard Grade Center is a great way to help you keep track of student grades AND let students know how they are progressing through the course. You can set up things in Blackboard so that students actually submit assignments directly in Bb so you can give feedback and grade them all within the system (no need to collect papers, carry them home and back). At the very least, LTU expects you to post grades for assignments in Blackboard so students can track their grades. Becoming a proficient uses of Grade Center takes some time, but we’ve created videos and step-by-step directions to help you become a master.