Create a Narrated Powerpoint Presentation

Record Narration within PowerPoint

  • Select Slide Show tab; select (click) Record Narration button.
  •  Select the Set Microphone Level button. Talk into the microphone, PowerPoint adjusts your microphone sensitivity.
    Click OK when finished
    The slide show begins and you are in “narration” mode.
  • Record narration for the slide; press Enter to proceed to the next slide. As you record the narration, leave a silent break between each slide. PowerPoint records the narration for each slide as a separate sound file, if you talk through slide transitions, your narration will “cut off” the narration at that point. When you reach the end of the slide show, PowerPoint prompts you to save timings.
  • Click Save

(Note: if you want to re-record the entirepresentation; select  Don’t Save; however, if you only want to edit one or two slide narrations click Save to return to the slide sorter view (see below for how to re-record individual slides).To review your narrated presentation, select (click) Slide Show menu.

Rerecord individual slides

To rerecord narrations for one or two slides select the slide in Normal View

  • Select Slide Show; Record Narration (if you already tested your microphone); click OK
  • Click the Current Slide button, when you’re finished recording that slide, press ESC to stop
  • To delete a narration, click the speaker icon in the corner of the slide and press Delete.

Insert a pre-recorded narration for your presentation into PowerPoint

You can also insert an audio file or pre-recorded narration that was locally saved

  • Select the Insert tab
  • Sound button in the Media Clips group
  • Locate and select the file to insert from your computer

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