ehelp Multimedia Rooms

  • Provides support for classroom display technologies
  • Supports campus streaming media service, teleconferencing, and “smart” classrooms
  • Collaborates with Media Services for video capture of academic events
  • Provides consulting in design of learning spaces

Classroom Technology Request

eLearning Services provides technologies for classrooms such as projectors, speakers, video players, and more.  Please fill out the Classroom Technology Request Form and submit it to

Digital projectors, overhead projectors, televisions, DVD/VCR players, sound systems, and “SMART Boards” are only a few of the services offered by Classroom Technology services. We can also provide classroom lecture capture and camera and microphone support for recording classroom presentations. The lectures and presentations can later be viewed by students at their convenience. If you need to communicate face to face with a colleague or students any where in the world, our teleconferencing and streaming media may provide a solution for you.