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The first question many students want to know is, "Am I eligible to receive hardware through the LTuZone Program?"



Who is eligible to receive LTuZone Hardware?

All undergraduate and Master of Architecture students pursuing degrees at LTU are eligible to receive LTuZone hardware. All hardware must be returned at the end of each academic year or upon the student's withdrawal from LTU.

Eligible students can receive LTuZone hardware each academic year. An academic year consists of fall and spring semesters.

What hardware will I get?

Students in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, CoBIT, and Engineering may be eligible to pick up a Fujitsu Lifebook.

Students in the College of Architecture and those majoring in Architectural Engineering may be eligible to pick up an HP ZBook x360. 

Students majoring in Graphic Design, Media Communications and Audio Tech. Engineering may be eligible to pick up a MacBook Pro.

What software will I get?

A wide variety of software is pre-installed on LTU laptops for student use. LTU strives to keep its students on the cutting edge of education with learning and industry-standard software applications.

Each year LTU re-configures the LTU laptops to specifications set by the individual colleges (Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and CoBIT) and their respective departments.

To view the current software configuration (image) please click on the corresponding link of the laptop configured for your program (See "What laptop will I get?" above): a Fujitsu Lifebook an HP ZBook x360, or a MacBook Pro

What are software images and how often are they updated?

Each of the colleges or departments review and recommend that certain software be installed on the LTU laptops. This software configuration is specific to the student’s major.  

LTuZone hardware is per-loaded with the software configuration that is customized by consultations, recommendations and reviews from the student's major or college departmental faculty. This customized software configuration is called an image. 

Each college or department is responsible for their own software recommendations. All images are reviewed and updated each academic year by the appropriate college or department, based on course and software development.

Is LTuZone hardware and software required for all students?

Yes, for undergraduate students.

The use of the hardware and software both in and out of the classroom is a integral part of Lawrence Technological University's educational mission. The LTuZone Program (formerly the Laptop Initiative) was launched in the fall of 2000.

It is a dynamic program to assure that LTU students are well prepared and positioned to take full advantage of advanced learning opportunities, greater access to educational resources, and ultimately, achieve a competitive edge in the workplace.

Are graduate and doctoral students required to have LTuZone hardware and software?

Doctoral and graduate students are not included in the LTuZone and are generally not required to use LTuZone hardware and software. LTuZone hardware is not generally available for graduate students except those in the Master of Architecture or by exception.

In the event an exception is made, graduate students are subject to the same terms and policies as undergraduate students. Graduate students must pay a $500 security deposit, sign a laptop agreement, and turn in their LTuZone hardware by the posted dates (or incur late charges of $20 for each day the computer is not returned).

A Graduate LTuZone fee will be assessed to their accounts when they register for the LTuZone program. See the LTuZone Program page for details.

How does the LTuZone Program benefit LTU students?

The LTuZone represents more than just the hardware – LTU continues to expend considerable resources on industry standard software, service infrastructure.

Hardware. Software. Everywhere.

The university has made many improvements to campus facilities and services to maintain and service the laptops including:

  • Campus-wide wireless connections
  • Additional Canvas capabilities
  • Banner Web for students
  • Help Desk services

How does participation in the LTuZone Program benefit me personally?

When you participate in the LTuZone Program you will receive:

  • The use of LTuZone hardware for your undergraduate career at LTU.
  • LTuZone hardware is pre-loaded with program specific industry standard software for your coursework.
  • Direct integration of your LTuZone hardware and software into many classes, including classroom network connections with access to Internet around campus
  • Access to Help Desk services for computer repair and technical support.
  • Insurance coverage, with a $500 deductible, for theft or damage of your LTuZone hardware.

When can I pickup my LTuZone hardware?

Eligible students can pickup LTuZone hardware as early as sometime during the month of August prior to each fall semester.

The student must pay a $500 security deposit, be registered for classes and sign the Online laptop agreement, available via BannerWeb, before they can pick up any LTuZone hardware. See note below for students under 18 years of age.

Note: If the student is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a paper copy of the laptop agreement on behalf of the student. When attempting to sign the Online laptop agreement, if the student is under 18, he or she will be prompted to print the agreement, and have a parent or legal guardian sign it on his or her behalf. Please bring this signed agreement to the LTU laptop distribution if you are under 18.

Can I use my own equipment instead of LTuZone hardware?

Yes, students can use their own equipment instead of participating in the LTuZone Program. However, a student’s tuition and fees are not reduced by non-participation in the LTuZone Program and those students forfeit many of the benefits of the LTuZone Program.

Students using personal hardware are wholly responsible for acquiring all software and meeting the technology standards required for their coursework. These technology standards and software editions can be very rapidly advancing in order to keep pace with ever changing industry standards.

Software availability for personal equipment?

Unfortunately, LTU cannot install most of the required software on personal hardware because of software license restrictions. Additional software or hardware may be necessary for connection to LTU's network and for use in specific classes; therefore, students using personal equipment may find it necessary to change or upgrade software and/or hardware at their own expense over time as University standards advance.

Tech support for personal equipment?

Students using personal equipment are responsible for their own insurance coverage. Also, due to hardware or software differences, the Help Desk may be unable to provide problem resolution or software assistance on personal equipment. Also the repair and exchange privileges and other services available through the Help Desk for LTU laptops are not available for personal equipment.

What about the LTuZone deposit?

The $500 deposit can be paid by check, money order, cash, credit card or financial aid at the One Stop Center. The deposit will be returned by check in the mail approximately three to four weeks after the LTuZone hardware is returned. See note below.

Note: If the LTuZone hardware is returned damaged the cost of repairs will be assessed against the deposit. Any remaining deposit amount, will be credited to the student’s account to be refunded and/or applied to any other outstanding balances.

Do I have to pay a LTuZone deposit each year?

No, when a student turns in his or her LTuZone hardware prior to leaving for the summer, they can choose to roll their LTuZone deposit over for use for the  next year. These funds, less any charges for damages to the hardware, will be held and reapplied to your LTuZone deposit for the following academic year.

Do I have to sign an additional agreement if I take summer classes?

No, laptop agreements are valid for one year.  However, if you are taking summer classes, please check with the Help Desk in C203 to ensure you have a current agreement on file. If your agreement is not current, you will be contacted to return your LTuZone hardware or pay for non-return as stated in your agreement.

Can I keep my LTuZone hardware over the summer break?

Yes, if certain conditions are met. Students may keep the LTuZone hardware for the summer if they are enrolled in summer courses and/or if they are registered for classes the following fall semester.

An exception to this arrangement may occur during the years that LTU updates and refreshes LTuZone hardware. However, these guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.

What am I responsible for when I participate in the LTuZone Program?

  • Picking up your LTuZone hardware the beginning of each academic year.
  • Keeping it clean and in good condition.
  • Ensuring it is in your possession and in a secure place.
  • Reporting any damage or theft immediately to the Help Desk.
  • Returning all LTuZone hardware to the Help Desk during the designated return dates.

What if I cannot return the laptop by the designated date?

All students are required to return their LTuZone hardware during the designated return period. This date is listed on the LTU's ehelp website, through Canvas announcements and through LTU Webmail prior to classes ending each May.

The LTU laptop agreement, which all students sign, specifies that if students do not return their LTuZone hardware within the designated return period (or immediately upon termination of the agreement) a penalty of $20 per day will be assessed to their student accounts.

Please contact the Help Desk if you cannot return your LTuZone hardware by the designated return dates.

Where can I get updated information on the LTuZone Program?

All students are responsible for viewing the LTU website, reading their LTU email, and viewing updates on the Canvas system throughout the academic year.

The Help Desk staff, as well as the Provost's Office, will post periodic updates on the LTuZone Program during the academic year.