Lawrence Tech’s unique program that provides undergraduates with the software, hardware, and tech support they need for their courses has a new name, the LTuZone™, with a new tagline, “Software.Hardware.Everywhere.”

An integral component of the LTuZone is what was formerly known as LTU’s Laptop Initiative. Each semester, the University provides all undergraduates and some graduate students with industry-standard software tailored to their course of study on a laptop or tablet.

For most students, the software has a retail value of more than $13,000, and it’s all included in the price of tuition.

The new name reflects the need to expand support services as the use of personal computers and electronic devices continues to evolve. Technical support is still provided in person by the Help
Desk staff, but there is a need for more online training and support, according to Tim Chavis, LTU’s executive director of information technology.

“Students will benefit from more online training, and going forward more support services will also be online,” Chavis said.