LinkedIn Learning is available only to currently registered Students or currently employed Faculty/Staff.

This upgrade will provide a highly personalized experience that is designed to help you achieve your goals. With the upgrade, you’ll have access to over 14,500 courses including in six other languages beyond English: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

With LinkedIn Learning, you’ll be able to:

    • Receive relevant recommendations.
    • Access to content trending in your field.
    • Ask questions and receive responses from the instructor and other learners.
    • Access to your learning history and certifications of completion after the upgrade.

For sign in information, please click here.


Do I have to upgrade?

Yes, LTU will be upgrading all accounts to LinkedIn Learning.

How will I login to my new LinkedIn Learning account?

For sign in information, please click here

Is my Lynda data coming along with the upgrade?

Yes, all users, groups, reports, and playlists will automatically be moved to LinkedIn Learning along with all Learner history and activity.

If you don't see your Lynda data, please click here.

Do I need a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning?

A LinkedIn profile is not required to use LinkedIn Learning. During the first login to LinkedIn Learning, users will be prompted to connect their LinkedIn Learning account to a regular LinkedIn account if they have one.  Joining is not required but some features do not appear without joining accounts

Connecting a LinkedIn account will cause more content relevant to your job or skills to be
shown. You will also be able to show your completed LinkedIn Learning courses on your
LinkedIn profile.

Is the content on LinkedIn Learning the same as on

Yes, LinkedIn Learning provides access to all of the courses from the library.

How do I share LinkedIn Learning videos?

To share LinkedIn Learning videos, please see the instructions below:

1. Login to LinkedIn Learning
2. Search for the course or video you wish to share
3. Open the video.
4. In the upper right corner, click the Share Icon and select Twitter from the list.

You do not need to have a Twitter account, you are using this method to get the link to share.
5. In the Share a link on Twitter dialog box, copy the link address.

6. Close the Twitter dialog box then past the link into wherever you want to share the content.