Kaltura offers you the ability to view analytics for your course videos. You can go into your My Media page and view analytics for individual videos. These analytics can help you to see who has watched your videos, for how long they watched the video, and more, to give you a general impression of how your students are interacting with your course materials.


The top panel of the User Analytics dashboard provides an overview with highlights and details on the users activities.

Details: Owner, Video title, Export, Filter, and Date range (default 30 days)

Highlights: Displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected timeframe


The section with the video and the graph will show you the total views in blue and the unique views in green.

If you click Show Engagement Per User you'll see the listing of all the users in the course and view rate. This section is based on the Date Range from above.

If you click open a user you can see what parts of the video the viewed how many times and what parts they have not.


After the User Engagement you have a bunch of over analytics from video performance which dives into more detailed data on how many plays minutes viewed and average rates.

In the Top Countries section you can see where your students are viewing the videos from. If you click on the country you can get granular by seeing the states or prefectures.

The last is the Device Overview. It will indicated which platform your students are viewing the videos from.