eHelp Kaltura - Video Quiz

Depending on your instructor you may come across assignments that are Kaltura Video Quizzes. Below are instructions on how to navigate through the quiz.

You will log into Canvas first and click on a course. Click on Assignments from the Course Navigation. Kaltura Video Quizzes are only found in the Assignments link

Location the video quiz and click on the title.

The assignment will look similar to the one below:


Click the Play Button.

The Welcome screen is displayed.


  • Once the quiz screen opens, you may not be able to play or move the video’s scrubber.
  • If the quiz creator enabled the option for the Pre-test to be available, the option to download the quiz is in the Welcome window. Click on Pre-test Available to open the questions list in PDF format.

Press Continue from the Welcome screen.


The will video start. During the video, you can see the question positions on the scrub bar.


There are four types of questions you will run into:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True and False
  • Essay/Short Answer
  • Reflection

Click the answer you want to choose, and click Select to finalize your choice.

After you finalize your choice, the Select text turns to Selected. This denotes that the answer has been recorded.


After you answer or skip a question, click Continue. The quiz questions are tracked in the scrubber at the bottom of the player’s screen. Questions already answered appear in one color. Unanswered or skipped questions appear in a contrasting color, as pictured.


If you answered all the questions of the quiz the Completed screen appears. Click Submit to submit the quiz.


To finish the quiz, click Done ! on the Submitted screen.