eHelp Kaltura - Video Quiz

Kaltura's video quiz feature is integrated into Canvas, so the scores students earn on their video quizzes will be pushed automatically to the course Gradebook of any course in which you embed the video quiz in an assignment.

Kaltura video quizzes are not designed to work well with long videos. If your video content would result in a longer video, it is recommended that the video be split into and delivered in smaller, shorter, separate videos.

Students who pause a video quiz and come back to it after more than an hour. The video quiz results will not be passed to the Canvas gradebook because Kaltura saves the submission cookie only for 1 hour.

There are several different question types you can include in a Kaltura video quiz.

  • Multiple choice questions: Allow up to four possible answer choices
  • True/False questions: Allow two answer choices
  • Open Questions: Allow students to enter text responses to on-screen questions
  • Reflection Points: Allow you to stop the video and present the students with text of your choice

It should be noted that only multiple choice and true/false questions are graded. You can access the student responses to Open Questions, but they will not count towards the student's grade on the quiz.

  1. To create a video quiz click My Media on the Course Navigation
  2. Click Add Media
  3. Select Video Quiz


Locate the video and click Select


This will open up a window where you can begin creating the video quiz.
Please note: It may take a few minutes to load, depending on the length of your video.

The timeline will allow you to insert questions into the video at particular intervals, all you need to do is click n drag the scrubber or click within the timeline to move the scrubber to the desired place.


Once you placed the scrubber where you want the question, click Add a Question. From here, choose which question type you would like to insert into the video.


A menu where you edit the question and the available answers for it will appear. The specific options will vary depending on question type. 

Multiple Choice




True and False




Click Save when you are satisfied with the structure of the question. It may take a moment to do so.

Once the question is saved, a cube icon will appear on the timeline indicating that a question has been created there. You can click this icon to edit that question.


Details allows you to edit the name and description of the quiz, and add a welcome message, and allow students to download a list of the questions and possible answers at the start of the video.


Scores determines whether students will be allowed multiple attempts and whether they will be able to see their scores and the correct answers after completing the quiz. If you choose to allow multiple attempts, you can retain the highest score, lowest score, most recent score, first score, or the average score of all the attempts.


Experience allows you to edit other settings, such as allowing users to change their answers or skip individual questions.