Blackboard Grade Center Overview

The Grade Center in Blackboard Learn is more than just a way to record students' grades. It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing you to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress

To access the Grade Center, “expand” the Control Panel tab (Control Panel tab is not viewable by students). Click on Grade Center tab to “expand” the other views available (Blackboard 9.1 now has pre-defined Smart Views):

  • Needs Grading displays all the items that have been submitted for grading or review by students
  • Full Grade Center displays all the columns that are included in the Grade Center
  • Assignments displays only those items that have assigned category of "Assignments"
  • Tests displays only those items that have been assigned category of "Tests"

Grade Center rows are created for every registered students (last name, first name, username) and columns in the Grade Center are automatically created when you add an assessment item such as a test; graded assignment; graded discussion board; or graded journal.

Grade Center columns can be re-arranged using Manage, Column Organization and drag/drop the order.

Have a lot of columns and want to "hide" from the Grade Center view? Use the "down arrow" to the right of the column name and select "Hide Column".

WORD OF CAUTION! "Hide Column" does not hide the column from student view!! If you do not want student's to see a column in the Grade Center - you must select the "Show/Hide to Users" option.

Columns can be manually created using "Create Column" option. This is helpful, for instance, if you wanted to add an Extra Credit column.

One important thing to remember is that the Grade Center; unlike other options in Blackboard is not just a web page it is full web application (best analogy would be an on-line version of Microsoft Excel) so it may take a few seconds to a minute to open depending on the number of students or graded items in the center.

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Do You Access Courses with an IPad?

Want to grade student assignments with your IPad? There's an "APP FOR THAT!". Check out Blackboard Bb Grader. Would be interested in your feedback!

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End of Semester Final Grade Entry in Banner

At the end of each semester, instructor must log in and enter the final grades for course in Banner. Below is a link to the web page with the instructions on how to access and steps on entering final grades. LTU's Academic Calendar will list the date (by semester) that final grades must be submitted in Banner.

How to enter final grades in Bannerweb