Using Google+ Hangouts

Getting started with Google Hangouts does involve a few initial steps such as:

  1. Enable your Google+ (Google Plus) account
  2. Install Google+ Hangout Plug-In (Google audio/video plug-in)
  3. Test and get familiar with Google Hangout options and interface and
  4. Invite attendees to join!
  5. OPTIONAL: Record your Hangout Session using Google Hangouts on Air (see below)

Take a few minutes and view the video that will take you through the steps to get the most out of your Google Hangout session!!


Google Hangouts On Air - What is it?

Google "Hangouts on Air" and YouTube offer the benefit of recording your live  event while showing it at the same time.

Check out the Google Support page to find out how to set up and use Google Hangouts on Air.  Remember: You will need a YouTube account!

Google Support Web Page link