eHelp Google Basics

Below are a few basics that can be done in Google / Drive

Quick Reference Guides: Google Docs | Google Slides | Google Sheets | Google Drive | Google Gmail  

To help keep your Google Drive organized, clean, and easy to find content, it is best practice to create folders within to add or move files too.

  1. Click on +New
  2. Select Folder
  3. In the New Folder popup rename Untitled Folder
  4. Click Create


Use Google Apps and Google Drive to create, store, share, and add files/documents in your Canvas course that students can access.

Why?  Files/documents can be created using Google Apps (Docs, Slides, and Sheets) , edited, stored in Google Drive. (LTU has unlimited storage). Google Apps / Drive is integrated right from within Canvas. Files and documents can be available and shared in Canvas. Does not count against your Canvas storage quota.

How? Create using Google Apps or Word, PDF, or PowerPoint and upload to Google Docs. Edit/revise the original document in Word, PowerPoint or PDF, right-click the document name in Google, select Manage Versions , Upload New Version  and the links within Canvas course remain the same and display the updated version

Adding files to Google Drive

  1. Click on +New
  2. Select either File upload to load from local computer OR Select Google Docs , Sheets ,or Slides to create a new file


  • Upload a Word document to a Google Drive folder for the Canvas course that you can then link in Canvas
  • Keep it in Word Format (filename.docx)
  • Make sure you can revise in Word, upload the replaced (filename_revised_docx) to the Google Drive folder and not break link in Canvas


  1. Upload the original Word document into the Google Drive folder that you are using for Canvas Course 
    • Do not convert to Google Doc format (since you want to keep it as a Word document)
    • Add the link from Google using the Rich Text Editor, select  External Tools  icon (the upside down ^)
    • Select  Google Apps , find document from Google Drive (example below) - link adds to Canvas --  Using Canvas Course Copy Word.docx


  1. When you make your revisions in Word, save the revised file (e.g., new file = Using Canvas Course Copy Word_Revised.docx . Now, you going to upload this revised file to the Google Drive folder.
    • Open  Google Drive folder
    • Find the Word document and  right-click file name  for menu options
    • Click " Manage Versions "
    • Select  Upload New Version
    • googleManageVersions
    • Select the "revised" document from your computer ( Using Canvas Course Copy Word_Revised.docx )

Even though the Word document maintains the original name, you can always see all the version information in Google Drive by right-clicking the document name and selecting version AND the link in Canvas does not break - the original name remains but the document is the revised one 

When users click the link in Canvas ( Using Canvas Course Copy Word.docx ) they see  Using Canvas Course Copy Word_Revised.docx    document