eHelp Google Assignment

Canvas integrates our Google apps nicely. Why not take advantage of this and use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to create Canvas assignments!!!

In Google

  • You will need to create the assignment "template" in Google first before making it an assignment in Canvas.
  • To help with keeping your files organized it is best to create a Google Drive folder for the course.
    With the folder created you create the assignment using Google Docs, Google Sheets, of Google Slides.
  • To create this from Google Drive you can either click +New, in the top left, or click on the 9 circles in a square, in the top right.


In Canvas

In the course navigation select Assignment

Click on the +Assignment box at the top-right hand corner to open in Edit Mode


  1. Start creating the assignment when you reach Submission Type choose from the drop down External Tool
  2. Click Find to the right of link input box
  3. Select Google Docs Cloud Assignment
  4. Locate the folder/file document to be used, highlight and
  5. click Submit
  6. Select to return to assignment

Save or Save and Publish