Below are links to information updated for the Fall 2018 semester.


CyberSecurity threats, attempts, and breaches are increasing at a rapid rate so please remember to use caution. LTU, nor any legitimate business, will ever ask you for your ID and password so don't give it out.

Password Security:

It is recommended that you use second level authentication where available. Do not reuse your passwords and do not use anything which can be found elsewhere like the names of children or pets.

For more information regarding password security, please see the link below.

Usernames, Passwords & Safety


LTU Staff and full-time Faculty are required to have their Lawrence Tech issued laptop encrypted. This encryption is a form of second level authentication and protects the data and files on the computer.

Do not keep or transfer work related information on your personal devices. If you must, use encrypted drives and devices.

Encryption takes only a few minutes to start, and will be performed when picking up a new laptop or swapping out an old laptop for a new one.


It is recommended that you enable a lock screen on your phone. This is a security measure that you can take to keep your private information and data safe.

Banner 9:

LTU has moved from using Banner8 to using Banner9. Please see the link below for more information about Banner9 and Banner9 Training Aids.

Banner 9


LTU has moved from using canvas to using Canvas for all courses. Please see the links below for information about Canvas.

Canvas for Faculty

Canvas for Students

Travel Advice:

Out of Country Travel: Prior to traveling outside of the country, you must request access from the Help Desk in order to be permitted to take your laptop outside of the United States.

EU Access: As a result of new GDPR regulations in the EU (European Union) Lawrence Tech students/staff/faculty must sign a consent form to access LTU Canvas, Bannerweb, and VPN for software licensing. Please email the Help Desk at to receive the consent form and connection instructions.

Personal Accounts:

Please keep work and personal accounts separate, this includes email accounts and social media accounts.