You are important to your students, whether you see them in a face-to-face class or on-line. Adding contact information to the course provides them a way to contact you if they need assistance or just clarification on course material.

It also provides our support staff a way to contact you if students have identified issues and need assistance. Students are initially asked  for course and instructor information.

Select "Create Folder"  (for multiple instructors or TAs)  or

Select "Create Contact" (individual instructor information)

Type in Name, email (required), office hours such as the time you are available e.g., email or on campus and any notes desired for your students

Under Options:

Make sure to select "Make the Profile Available"

To attach a photo, select "Attach Image", locate the image file (image size should be 150x150 pixels for best results) and/or a Personal Link (URL required) 

Click Submit

Watch "how to"