Exporting Blackboard Course Files

The Export option in Blackboard allows instructors to download and save their course content from Blackboard that can be used to populate future courses. After semester end, Blackboard courses are available for approximately 6-8 weeks.

Instructors please note: only the content is exported and not specific student assignment information, attempts or grades. The exported file is saved as a "zip file" and cannot be opened locally.

Before you start you export here are a few tips. Go through your announcements and delete any announcements you do not want included in the export. 

Delete any course content that you do not want to use in future courses or re-arrange course material

To export a Blackboard course:

    • Log into Blackboard and access course
    • Select (click) Control Panel (located on the left-hand side of the screen) to expand the menu
    • Select (click) Packages and Utilities to expand the menu
    • Select (click) Export/Archive Course
    • Select (click) Export Package 

Option 2: File Attachments

The following should always be selected:  
    • Course File Default Directory: "Copy links and include copies of the files in the Course Directory" 
    • Files Outside of the Course Default Directory: "Copy links and include copies of the files outside of the course default directory"
    • Select "Copy links and include copies of the content" and click Calculate Size to ensure that the package size does not exceed the displayed Allowed package size.
    • To remove files and folders from the package, click Manage Package Contents.

Option 3: Select Course Material

    • Click "Select All "will select all content to be exported, you can then "uncheck" specific items not required.
    • Click Submit - a confirmation screen will be displayed with “you will receive an email when completed”.

The below link is a PDF with more detailed steps and information regarding saving and reviewing the exported package Export Blackboard Course, Save/Review


End of Semester Tasks (video)

Importing Blackboard Course Files

To import the package into a new Blackboard course:

  • Log in to the desired Blackboard Course (new course)
  • Under Control Panel, expand the tab for Packages and Utilities
  • Select Import Packages / View Logs option; on that screen 
  • Select (click) Import Package button near top of the screen
  • Click Browse to the right of Select a Package to locate and open the locally saved exported zipped course package
  • Select each of the options you want to import by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the item
  • Click Submit

You will receive an email when the package is imported and available in Blackboard.


Exports/Imports Alert

Blackboard recently changed the verbiage on course exports emails. Since the email is now handled differently than in the past, it can be a bit misleading when you first encounter it.

If your export email states that

"Export Failed: [COURSEID] could not be completed
The requested operation failed and could not be completed. Contact the System Administrator for more information"

This means there is some error within the export than needs to be reviewed. To review the error:

- Return to the export area of the course within Blackboard
- To the right of the export file, click the down chevron arrow and select "View Detailed Log"

This detailed log will display any warnings or errors that occurred within the course. If you have any questions or concerns about the errors/warning displayed, please send us an email at elearning@ltu.edu.



Where is the Imported Course Content?

You will see your imported content in your current course. Please note: this process does not overwrite your current Blackboard course but rather adds the material you are importing into it. You may need to rearrange or remove some items after the import process has fully completed.


Where is the Imported Course Package?

Blackboard 9.1 places imported course files (the zipped files that were exported from a previous course) in the Course Content area.

Import Blackboard Course Files