Question: I am in many Canvas courses and when announcements or notifications are sent I receive too many emails in my LTU email account. How can I manage them?

You can manage your incoming mail using Gmail’s filters. Create a filter in email that will receive any Canvas notifications bypassing the Inbox. Periodically, you can check to see the folder, read, review, or delete as desired.


How? Create a filter.

From LTU email account

  • Click the down arrow to the right of the search option and begin to create filter.
  • From: type in Canvas labeling
  • To: type in your email address
  • Click Create filter with this search, on the next screen


Select “Skip the Inbox ...” This will immediately place the email into the (next step) created folder

Next to Apply label - select “New label”. Name the label (folder)

Click “Create Filter”

Need to edit or delete the filter? Click down arrow to right of the cogwheel on the menu, select Settings, and select Filters and Blocked Addresses.

Note: When you create a filter to forward messages, only new messages will be affected.